North Carolina Lions Inc.

By | August 17, 2018

PDG Herb JusticeThis evening we were visited by Past District Governor, Herb Justice.  He came from his club in North Raleigh to provide us with an update on the business of our state organization North Carolina Lions, Incorporated.

His presentation started with some funny remarks about what life was like in the 1950s.  Then he provided a steady stream of facts and updates which included such things as:

  • District S was the only district in North Carolina to exceed our Brighter Visions goal last year (that’s both good and bad news)
  • Past District Governor Sandy Scarlett is now the first ever female president of NCLI
  • There have been a lot of personnel changes this past year at NCLI.  Past District Governor Carlton Metts is the acting Executive Director while the search continues for a qualified candidate
  • PDG Herb Justice was on an ad-hoc strategic planning committee for the past three years that made a number of recommendations to the board
  • The board added 4 At-Large director positions this year.  One is an advocate for the blind, one is for a corporate donor and two are for major corporate donors
  • The board created a long range planning committee specifically for NCLI for the first time to focus on those specific needs.
  • Committees have been moved from the Bylaws to Policies to make it easier to change them as needs change in the future.
  • The NC Lions Ambassador program was created so funds can be utilized immediately by Camp Dogwood.  This is recommended now to clubs over the Jack Stickley Fellowship program because those funds were required to go into an endowment and were not immediately useful.  The current needs have driven this change.
  • The NC Lions Ambassador program is a 5 step progressive award with each level being a $500 donation
  • September 8th is the Brighter Visions Kickoff and first District Cabinet meeting.
  • We hope that a second Vice District Governor will be properly elected at that meeting (among other business as usual)