Board of Directors

Board Of DirectorsThe Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss the business of the club and make decisions.  Unless there is a conflict with an event or a holiday, we typically meet on the fourth Thursday of each month.  Please check the club calendar for more details.  If you have any business which you would like the board to discuss, please contact the club president and request the item be added to the agenda.  Alternatively, you can contact a committee to take up the matter.  See the Committee page for more details and to find the committee chairs and members.


Lion Dave Delehanty

1st Vice President

Lion Kathy Faber

2nd Vice President

Lion Lynn Tucker

3rd Vice President

Lion Josue Ortega


Lion John Lynde


Lion Richard Hall

Membership Chair

Lion Paul Dean

LCIF Chair

Lion Wayne Faber

Club Service Chair

Lion Caroline Renaux

Club Marketing Communications Chair

Lion John Lynde

Lion Tamer

Lion Horace Johnson

Tail Twister

Lion John Potts

Director (2021-2023)

Lion Jolene Umbenhauer

Lion Joe Salvas

Director (2022-2024)

Lion Joe'l Lynde

Lion Chip Pierce

Newsletter Chair

Lion John Lynde

Past President

Lion Carl Cromwell

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