What makes the State Fair an “October Original”?

By | October 9, 2014

So what exactly does make the State Fair an “October Original”? ┬áThe State Fair Facebook had a contest asking this very question when it hit 100,000 likes. ┬áThis poem, written by Sandra Thomas, was the winner!

‘Twas late September and all through the fairgrounds
The air was getting chilly and October was coming around
The apples and corn and hotdogs were bought
The biscuit makers were resting and giving their recipes some thought

The locals were nestled all sung in their beds
While visions of nc state ice cream danced in their heads
The kids were all dreaming of Ferris wheel rides
While moms and dads were thinking about dark, starry skies

Cows and ducks and horses were ready
To strut their stuff for the judges already
Paintings from schools were all hung with care
In hopes all the children would soon be there

Giant pumpkins and gourds and huge tomatoes too
Were waiting patiently for judging to be through
BBQ and hush puppies would soon be fried up
Everyone big and small would soon be lined up

In North Carolina, October is fine
You have to come here when you have the time
To go over to the fairgrounds and see all sights
You will love our October original each and every night

We are looking forward to seeing you this year at the Apex Lions Club food booth!