Christmas Story 2014

By | December 18, 2014
Tim Catlett

Tim Catlett

We usually invite a pastor from a local church to our last meeting of the year to share the Christmas story with us as a reminder of the hope we have in Jesus.  This year, Lion Larry Jordan invited Jenny Wilson from Apex United Methodist church.  Unfortunately, she came down with the flu and was unable to attend.  We sure hope she gets well soon!  But Tim Catlett, Managing Executive Pastor of the Apex United Methodist family of churches visited us in her place.  Tim is a native of the area who grew up in Apex and attended Apex High School.  He did leave town for a while to attend the University of Virginia, but made his way back and now lives with his family in Holly Springs.

Tim read scripture from the beginning of Luke chapter 2 for us and shared how much he loves that part of the Christmas story and why.  It is a very interesting demonstration of God’s love for humanity because it shows how God, in all His glory and wonder, could be so particular about the exact time and place He chose to give us the greatest gift the world will ever know – His son Jesus!  Tim went on to explain how that is in some ways the story of his church and Christianity as well.  As part of  the church, we are part of a huge organization but we are also very particular in that we are Gods hands and feet to individuals in need.  There are parallels in Lionism as well.  As Lions we are part of a huge International organization that has been given a big purpose by Helen Keller to champion blindness.  Yet we are also very particular as members of our club here in Apex where we serve this relatively small town of people intimately.  What a wonderful way to relate what we do to the gospel.  I hope you, too, are even more inspired to serve others now!

Tim ended his time with us, appropriately, with a prayer.  God Bless you and Merry Christmas!