Almost Cookin’ Now

By | March 21, 2014

2014 Fish_Fry_PrepTonight Lion Horace went over the list of those who will be there to serve for the Annual Apex Lions Club Fish Fry. We also went over the list of duties needed to be complete for set up of the event. Our group applauded our Lions who were able to assist in set up the afternoon before.

After completing our regular meeting, with breakneck speed and teamwork, we finished our preparations for the Fish Fry. Members came together to get tables cleaned, covered and chairs set up. Condiment bowls were placed on each table to get them ready to go!  A team of Lions began the initial food prep, getting potatoes ready to start cooking in the morning.

One team set up the dessert, serving, and drink tables. There will be a selection of wonderful desserts available for sale. Some members spent time learning from Lion John the elaborate set up of the hush puppy fryer! With the efforts of all Lions coming together to prep for the event, the outcome is sure to be rewarding!

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