Synthetic Drugs A Challenge For Apex

By | September 21, 2012

APD Josh_MacMonagleOur special guest speaker this evening was Apex Police Department Detective Josh MacMonagle.  Pictured here are (L to R) Lion Bekki Bennett, Detective Josh MacMonagle, and Lion Wayne Faber.  Detective MacMonagle came to speak to us about a relatively new threat in law enforcement not just here in Apex, but across the country.  This threat comes from what are known as “synthetic drugs”.  Science, Chemistry, human curiosity and the willingness to take amazing risks to “get high” have produced an almost endless stream of new “synthetic drugs” to contend with.  The police categorize drugs in 6 categories based on various factors such as their fatality rate, level of addiction, and others.  The various synthetic drugs can be classified in all six of these categories so they are at least as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than even the worst of the drugs that most of us are familiar with already.  One of the things that makes these synthetic drugs more dangerous is the fact that we know so little about them and their affects (short or long term) to our bodies.  There have been far too many fatalities of people who have tried these drugs recently.  Sometimes fatalities occur the very first time a person tries the drug.  Therefore, we should be on the lookout for changes in behavior of our loved ones to make sure they don’t become a statistic as well.


And in other interesting news… In the absence of our Lion President a motion was made to promote 1st Vice President Lion Bekki to President.  This motion did recieve a second but before discussion could begin the motion was tabled until the next meeting.  Sounds like it will be a meeting you won’t want to miss!  

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