Somewhere To Belong

By | February 8, 2013

TheVine919This evening’s program featured Apex Police Department’s Captain Jacques Gilbert. However, he was not representing the Apex Police Department with this presentation. Rather, he was sharing a need that he sees as he pursues his passion of working with youth in Apex. Captain Gilbert has worked with local youth for many years and he has been working to find ways to allow them to express themselves, do what they enjoy and help them stay out of trouble in the process.  As he has done this work he has come to realize that there is a growing need for our youth who enjoy skateboarding to have a place where they can do that. The popularity of the sport of skateboarding continues to increase but there is currently no place set aside for this purpose. When they do get together in small groups to skate they usually end up getting in trouble or at least getting reported to the police as a nuisance because they inevitably meet in a public place where they are simply not wanted.  The trouble is that there just isn’t any good place for them to go.  Seeing this need Captain Gilbert formed a non-profit organization called The Vine 919 “to prosper nations of teens globally by identifying and planting God’s Promises, Gifts and Talents into the ground of LIFE PURPOSE from God!” Their goal is to build a Teen Activity Community Center and other places as a positive alternative to boredom and attention seeking by youth. And one of the first steps is to build a skate boarding park somewhere in Apex so these kids have a place to go where they can feel welcome and do what they enjoy doing – skateboarding! If you are interested in helping The Vine 919 in this endeavor, please check out their web site at where you can learn more about the group and the mission as well as make a donation online. You can also Like them on Facebook or even Follow them on Twitter!

Pictured (top left to bottom right) are: Kenny, Captain Gilbert, Diego, Tray and Tyler.