Roadside Cleanup

By | May 7, 2014

RoadsideGroupApex Lions Club Road Side cleanup, as a memorial to Lion Dr W.C. Mills Jr, was conducted on Saturday May 3. This project was championed by Lion WC for many years before his death. We would meet at his house on Green Level Church to begin the pickup there not far from the entrance to Home Depot today. We had 17 scouts and 5 adult volunteers participate in the project. Following donuts, juce and milk we split into two teams to tackle the community service project. A team at each end working toward the middle completed the cleanup in record time. In just 1 hour and 12 minutes the two groups came together having collected 23 bags of litter. Most of the litter was tossed on the roadside by folks who never think about properly disposing of their trash. 

I want to recognize the hardworking group of Scouts who worked to bring this stretch of road back into a clean and litter free area.

Thanks to all.

Lion Horace