Guess What Time It Is? Almost State Fair Time!

By | September 11, 2016
Lions Club Fair Booth

Lions Club Fair Booth

Hard to believe just how quickly 12 months can come and go. Here we are gearing up to open our State Fair Food Booth on October 12. The fair officially opens on October 13th and runs through Sunday October 23rd. However we open on the October 12th from 10 am until 2 PM for Lunch. We will need a skeleton crew for that time.
Just a reminder how important this Fund raiser is for our club. It basically funds our entire year’s budget. It is a lot of work for everyone but then it is only 11 days of fair time and about 2 weeks on either side for me and the management team.
There will be a work day at the fair booth on October 1 to clean and prepare the booth. That includes washing all the chairs and tables, cleaning the biscuit room, washing the kitchen area, washing and placing all the trays, pots and pans, crock pots, cleaning the refrigs and coolers. We will also unload all the supplies from the trailer. We have to hang all our sign and shelves. We need your help for this.
Oct 3 and 4 we will need 2-3 folks to help at the booth with all the finishing touches that we do not complete on Oct 1. Anyone who can help Lion Joe’l and me on these days gets a free lunch any day of the fair. Have to eat at the booth of course…
Each Lions needs to work 4-5 shifts. If you cannot work then solicit someone in your family, or bring out the entire family as some do and get all your shifts covered at one time. This is really key Lions. Believe it or not this takes more of my and Lion Joe’l’s time than we would like, just getting people lined up to cover the volunteer positions.
We also welcome volunteers from other groups who wish to join in and help Lions make thing better for our community. Our friends at CAPA, Scouting, LEO’s and other Friends of Lions help us achieve our goals at the booth every year and for that we say Thank You.
As always we provide a free meal to the sight impaired and on Wednesday of the fair we feed the entire Governor Morehead School and their staff. This is what Lions do and makes this such a rewarding project.
Just a reminder we are located near Dorton Arena in the permeant metal buildings, where all the churches reside. Come have one of our “ homemade butter milk biscuits, a great hot dog and a piece of “ P i i i e”
If you have questions please email me at or call or text Horace Johnson 919-218-3454.
Hope to see you at the N C State Fair
“The P i i i e Man”