Good Press!

By | April 1, 2017

RightHereInApex.comEver since the demise of the Apex Herald newspaper we have struggled to find ways to advertise our events.  But a while back we met by Bob Greene who runs a set of local websites dedicated to “good press”.  I say that because when we spoke with Bob he told us that he has a background in advertising and just got sick and tired of all of the bad news he was hearing about so he and his wife decided to start their own newsletter to let people know about some of the positive things that just never seem to make it on the regular news channels.  That was many years ago.  Now, that desire to communicate good news has turned into a trifecta of web sites for Apex, Fuquay Varina and Holly Springs.  You can find them all at or go to or  

Not only did Bob allow us to advertise our Fish Fry on the site (article link here) but he also came to the preparation the night before and sent a photographer to the event itself.  Afterwards, he produced a very nice article of his own which you can read here.  And then he decided to write one more article featuring a dedicated family in the Apex Lions club.  That article can be seen here.

We are very thankful for Bob and these sites (especially not just because of this years Fish Fry and the articles he wrote about our club but also because he is doing his best to communicate to the area some of the good things that people are doing.  Please visit these sites to read about the news you don’t normally hear about.  You are virtually guaranteed to be uplifted by what you read for a change!