GMS Water Park Challenge

By | May 31, 2015

Last year the Apex Lions Club sponsored a day at Emerald Pointe Water Park for the students and staff (referenced here). It was a tremendous success and they would like to do it again this year. Last year we contributed the full $1500. This year we would like to expand support and bring other clubs in the district into the event. So our board of directors recently voted to approve $750 towards this event contingent upon the rest of the district clubs raising at least the other $750.

So the Apex Lions Club has issued a challenge to the other district 31-G clubs to raise a total of $750 in this support for the GMS day at the water park. Would you please forward this to the other clubs in the district and ask them to contribute whatever they can to this event? NOTE: The event is scheduled for June 16th so it is time sensitive. Let’s all support GMS together!