Eagle Projects & Peace Posters

By | November 8, 2019
Scout Anthony

There were two features at this evenings meeting. First we had an Eagle Scout candidate, Anthony, present his Eagle Project. Scout Anthony is currently a Senior at Apex Friendship High School. He has been a scout since the 1st grade so basically all his life! Although he did have some struggles choosing an Eagle Project he finally settled in on one that will benefit his High School. The population of the school is 2,500 students but the cafeteria only has seating for 700. Consequently, there are many students that have no choice but to sit on the floor to eat their lunch. So Anthony will be building three benches which seat five people each. They will be painted in school colors which are Red, White and Blue for the Patriots. It will not completely solve the problem but will be a start! The project is estimated at $300 and he has already obtained a commitment of support from the PTA for $100 so he still needs to raise the remaining $200.

Peace Poster Winner

The second feature of this evening was the presentation of the Peace Poster Winners. Each year Lions Clubs International holds an art contest for students. Clubs can participate and have contests of their own and send the winner to the District. Districts send their winning posters to the State, National and ultimately to the International competitions. Each level of competition typically has some reward that gets larger at each level. The photo above is Lion Joe’l holding the poster for our club’s winner for this year. Unfortunately, Lucia Tomas, the artist was not feeling well and was unable to be present to accept her award. The runner up poster artist was present, though. Aubrey Aponte is pictured below with her artwork.

Runner up