A New Christmas Tradition

By | December 21, 2023

Horace as EMCEE 2023

This year we decided to start a new Christmas Tradition. Since we will no longer have a State Fair celebration as an opportunity to invite spouses to a banquet dinner we have decided to make our second meeting in December a full on Christmas Party! So Lion Joe’l had a fun time decorating the room for this special occasion.

Our special guest speaker / entertainer was Roger Repp and his wife Donna. Horace has known Roger and Donna for many many years as they used to work together back in Louisiana in their early career days. These days Roger is “retired” but spends his time as a part time minister at a church in Pittsboro. He loves to play the Accordion and use music as a way of sharing the Gospel. So this evening he played (sing along) several Christmas songs and shared the message behind the words as we went along. It was a lot of fun and we all learned some things as well.

Roger Repp and his Accordian

And, of course, this year we did have our final State Fair celebration. Lion Horace told some stories about previous fair managers and some of the interesting things that used to happen there. We had quite a few people at the meeting who are not members of the club but have been long time workers at the fair. Some of these have been helping there for decades!

It was a great beginning to a new tradition and we look forward to next year’s Christmas celebrationl