2019 Fish Fry Recap

By | March 23, 2019

A big hearty “Thank You!” goes out to everyone who supported our Fish Fry this year. We had a beautiful day (albeit a bit windy at times) so the weather cooperated after several rainy days leading up to the event. We also had a lot of help from CAPA and the scouts and others as well. We are always so thankful for everyone who volunteers to help make these events go as smoothly as they do. It’s still too soon to know exactly how much financial support we generated to hep Josh Herald and his family but we are very hopeful that it will be a huge blessing to them!

In addition to the money raised for the Herald family, we were also able to donate approximately 200 lbs of fish to the Western Wake Crisis Ministry.

Full dining room
There weren’t many empty seats in the CC Jones building at lunch or dinner time!
full dining room 2
Here is another view of the full dining room from the other side
horace prepares cole slaw
Lion Horace is preparing some cole slaw.
jim dukeman cole slaw
CAPA member Jim Dukeman is helping with preparations as well!
the line to get food
The line to get food was steady!
outside cooks
The cooks were working hard to keep up with the orders
kitchen crew
The kitchen crew making “To Go” plates and preparing food