2017 Christmas Message

By | December 23, 2017

Pastor John Mark Harrison

As has been our tradition for many years, this evening’s speaker brought a Christmas message. Pastor John Mark Harrison, lead pastor at Apex Baptist Church shared the story of Mary’s Song of Praise from the gospel of Luke.  Mary in her song of praise expressed how she was humbled that God would use someone like her for His great purpose. Sometimes we feel like that as well. Why would God want to use us for anything? Who are we that God would even know our name? But that is one of the many wonders of God. He loves every one of us and knows our names and everything about us because He created us individually.

The Christmas story truly is a miracle. Christ’s birth by the virgin Mary could not have been possible without God. And Mary, in her song, praised God for His miracles, His blessings on her and the nation of Israel, and for His endless story of love.  Pastor John Mark recognized that we, as Lions, are part of that story as well. Like Mary, we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. He encouraged us to remember that calling as we serve Apex and beyond in our work as Lions. He encouraged us to teach our children good lessons like these so that our impact can outlive our own lives and have eternal purpose.  Mary praised God for His Mercy, His Strength, His Filling, and His Help. We should remember these things as well. As Christians we should follow God’s example and show mercy to others. Perhaps most importantly, we should remember to always look to the Lord Jesus when we need help.

Merry Christmas!