2013 Fish Fry Beneficiaries

By | June 7, 2013

Chris Decker_2013Two of the three beneficiaries of this years Fish Fry were in attandance this evening to share some information with us about what they have been doing.  First we had a very thorough presentation from Pack 312 assistant Cub Master Chris Decker.  
He shared with us the current state of the pack as well as the plans for transitioning to new leadership as he transitions to Troop 209 next year and the plans for recruiting the next group of cub scouts in the fall.  CubScouts 2013

WWCM 2013

We also got to hear from Margie Johnson from Western Wake Crisis Ministry.  Not only has Margie been a full-time volunteer at the ministry for the past 5 years, she also happens to be the director’s mom.  Margie shared with us some statistics about how many families are being helped.  Last year there were approximately 230 families who were given food and/or financial assistance in April and the financial assistance totaled $110,000 last year.  But the best part is that only 1% of the money donated goes toward overhead or expenses which meand that 99% goes directly to the assistance of clients who are members of our community in Apex.  It’s clear that Western Wake Crisis Ministry keeps excellent records about who they are helping and they are careful to be as efficient and fair with their assistance as they can possibly be.  A recent challenge they are having to deal with is the sudden loss of the support of the Interfaith Food Shuttle which has determined that they need to help larger organizations.  If you know someone involved in that ministry please reach out to them to see what can be done to reconcile this situation.  Also, they are in need of men with trucks that can pickup groceries at the local Food Lion and deliver them to WWCM in the mornings around 9:00 am.  And everyone is encouraged to come vounteer (and bring the kids) or run a food drive.  See the WWCM web page for contact information.

The Lion Hamilton presented Margie with a check for $1200 from the proceeds of our Fish Fry!

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