Zebulon Lions Consider New Tech

By | May 26, 2016

Zebulon_Lions_Watch_Eye_ScreeningPresident Pat Leonard of the Zebulon Lions club invited Apex Lion John Lynde, District 31-S IT Committee Chair to present a program this evening. Unlike most of the other District Chair positions, the IT Committee Chair is not often requested for programs. Most likely that is because technology is a topic that does not interest a broad audience and it’s hard to present in a way that is interesting and entertaining. But Lion John Lynde did his best to keep it interesting, anyway. There was a lot of interaction and opportunity to for the Zebulon Lions to ask about things that interested them or things they wanted to look into – like creating a better web page for their club. They already use the e-Clubhouse page but want to have an even nicer web page if the cost is not too high. So we discussed how to build a better web page and some alternatives for cost as well.

Additionally, since the Apex Lions Club has a SPOT Vision Screening device a demonstration was given to show the Zebulon Lions just how easy and useful this tool can be. The technology is amazing! The device works somewhat like a camera. The person getting the exam needs to look at the camera without blinking for about 3 seconds and the test is done! The results that get printed look very much like an actual prescription for eye glasses and are fairly accurate given the speed of the test. There are 7 tests performed by the device and each one has a range that is considered acceptable. If any of the results fall outside of that range, there is a notice that an eye exam is recommended. Pictured above is Lion John Lynde performing an exam on one of the Zebulon Lions while the rest gather around to watch.

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