Secrets Of A Ghost Writer

By | December 4, 2020

Our guest at our Zoom meeting this evening was Amy Iori. Amy is an author for Suburban Living Magazine and recently published a story on the Apex Lions Club in that same publication.

But Amy is also a “ghost writer”. We were curious to know what exactly a ghost writer is and does so we invited her to illuminate for our members at our regular meeting.

We came to know that Amy has a passion for preserving family heritage, memories and memoirs. This lead her to become a ghost writer. But what is that, exactly? Well, it’s someone that writes as if they were someone else and typically gets no professional credit for the work. For example, if a person wants to have an autobiography or a memoir written but does not want to actually do the work of actually writing it down themselves they might hire a ghost writer to do that work for them.

So it is her job to interview the person to learn as much about the person and the story as she can. But it is important to now only learn about what story the person wants to tell, but also to learn how the person would tell it in their own words and style. Amy shared some of the techniques she employs in this process and it was fascinating. I think we all learned some new things about writing in general and several of our members were inspired to begin projects of their own. And some learned new techniques for project that were already in progress.

You can email Amy to learn more about her work at or connect with her on LinkedIn.