Running The Race

By | August 3, 2013

2013-08-01 20.06.20This month we had the pleasure to present checks to both the Apex High School Cougar Club and to the coach of the Track team.  For many years the Apex Lions Club has sponsored a track meet at Apex High School to benefit the school.  Schools from all over the state bring their teams and this year we had over 1200 student athletes in the competition!  The concession stand is stocked and staffed by Apex Lions volunteers and 100% of the proceeds are dontated back to the school.  Pictured from left to right are: Rita Dozier, Dolly Sickles, and coach Roy Cooper.  The proceeds from this years meet netted $850 for the Apex Cougar club and $1200 for the track team.  Dolly spoke for a few minutes and shared with us how thankful she was that we supported the student athletes and some of the story of how she got involved herself.  Coach Roy thanked us as well and spoke about how important it is to keep this relationship going in the future.  This event is a highlight for track athletes all across the state.  They love to come to Apex to compete and wear their medals and T-shirts proudly.

We also had a presentation from our own Lion John Lynde who demonstrated our web page (yes, this one you are reading right now).  We have been keeping our web site up to date for a while now and the benefits are starting to show.  People are able to find us much more easily and we have received a good many phone calls and visitors from the site.  And, we have even sold a few brooms!  We are really stepping up our efforts to recruit new members this year and this will be a valuable tool in that effort.

The Apex Lions Club continued its tradition of excellence for the 2012-2013 year. The club was recognized by the District 31-G awards committee for: 100% Secretary, Club Bulletin Award, Hosting the most programs by district chairmen, adding a new member, and exceeding expectations on donation to the Boys & Girls Home. Lion Barbara Faber was recognized as Environmental Photography Contest Chair. And Past District Governor Wayne Faber was recognized for District Chairman Of Volunteers & V.I.P Fishing Tournament Chairman & A William L Woolard Partner in Service (Patron) Award.  Congratulations to our Lions & to the Club for their displays of our motto “We Serve”.