Eye Shine Foundation

By | October 29, 2016
Kim Hudson, Eye Shine Foundation

Kim Hudson, Eye Shine Foundation

Our second speaker this evening was Kim Hudson from the Eye Shine Foundation.  Kim’s life mission has been to help the visually impaired and professionally she is a teacher of VIPs (Accelerated Mobility Training).  The Eye Shine Foundation  is a non-profit organization which Kim recently formed.  This provides her the opportunity to assist with recreational activities for VIPs.  She is very excited to work with youth and veterans in particular to help them develop social skills and empowerment. 

They are planning their first fundraiser for November 11th and are asking for the local Lions to help them promote this event.  It’s called “Blindness Experience 2016” and a flyer can be found here and you can register online here. 

It will start at Apex Baptist Church where you will try activities wearing vision impairment simulation goggles.  Then you will be lead by a trained guide through Apex either blindfolded to simulate complete blindness or wearing the simulation goggles.  One stop will be at the Rusty Bucket where you will be challenged to buy some hard candy by finding the right change.  Another stop will be at “All Booked Up” where you will experience braille and audio books.  There will be an opportunity to walk with a cane and also be lead by a harness as if a leader dog were leading you.  The final stop will be at the Ice Cream shop where you will get to try some ice cream.  The cost to participate is $35 for an individual or you can buy a 4 person package for $120.  The tour will take about an hour in total.  Please check it out!