A Very “Moving” Presentation

By | February 2, 2023

Okay, it’s probably not what you were expecting based on that headline. Our special guest this evening was Chris Thurman, Relocation Specialist with All American Relocation, Inc. Chris has been in the industry for over 20 years and is considered an expert in the field. He also teaches Realtors how to get their clients prepared for moving.

Chris Thurman, Relocation Specialist, American Relocation, Inc.
Pictured L to R: Lion John Potts (owner All American Relocation), Chris Thurman, Relocation Specialist, All American Relocation

Moving is stressful! And there are many reasons why people move. Some of those are happy reasons and some are not. Behind almost every move is a “Life Event” which adds to the stress. He shared many “tips” for us as well such as starting to prepare early, decluttering as much as possible before the move (why move things you will later give away or throw away?), etc. Another big tip is to pack your items yourself – this is costly and can easily be done if you start early enough and you stay organized.

Chris also recommends following the recommendations of your realtor. They will often recommend companies that can help you declutter and pack to prepare for your move. If you cannot or have not done these things for yourself, it usually pays to hire a professional to make sure things go smoothly.

One of the biggest “tips” he provided was to make sure that your moving company is regulated by the state. We learned at a previous meeting that North Carolina regulates moving companies if they are registered. Of course, American Relocation, Inc. is!

To learn more about Moving or schedule a move of your own please visit: All American Relocation, Inc.