This week we focused on membership. Our membership chair, Lion Horace Johnson kicked off the meeting with some words of encouragement and reminders about membership. This is something that we should all be thinking about every month. With all of the things we do to make Apex a better place to live it should be… Read More »

Boys And Girls Homes of NC

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. This evening we had an unfortunate speaker cancellation so our current President, PDG Wayne Faber put on a short program for us instead. He shared a video from the Boys And Girls Homes of North Carolina. Lions are one of the groups that supports this amazing organization along with… Read More »

Merry Christmas 2018

This evening we were graced by the presence of Pastor David Baker from Green Level Baptist Church who brought us our traditional Christmas message. David started at Green Level Baptist as a youth pastor and is known by several of our members who currently or have previously attended Green Level Baptist Church. He is married… Read More »

USS North Carolina Submarine Captain Gillespie

This evening our guest speaker was Captain Steve Gillespie, retired US Navy Commander.  Captain Steve shared a great deal of information about US Submarines including the USS North Carolina, a Virginia class attack submarine stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  There is a group of people that support the crew and families, promote awareness and support… Read More »

Happy 81st Anniversary Banquet

This evening we celebrated several achievements.  First, our club is now 81 years old!  Second, we celebrated another fabulously successful fundraiser at the State Fair.  Finally, we celebrated some individual Lions with awards. Our emcee once again was Lion Horace Johnson (who also just so happens to be the manager of the State Fair fundraiser). … Read More »

How Will We Get There?

Our special speaker this meeting was Shannon Cox, Senior Transportation Planner for the Town of Apex.  Shannon discussed the transportation plans for the next 5 years for the Town of Apex.  Currently the population in Apex is ~ 55,000, which means traffic can be very heavy during commute times.  Residential Single Family homes in Apex is ~… Read More »

The Sheriff Is In Town

This week our guest speaker was Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.  Donnie was first elected Sheriff of Wake County in 2002 and was re-elected to second, third and fourth terms in 2006, 2010 and 2014.  He is the first certified law enforcement officer to be elected Sheriff in Wake County.  Before service Wake County as… Read More »

Helping Florence Victims in NC

Hurricane Florence has had devastating and lasting effects on eastern North Carolina.  We have learned that brooms are one thing that is desperately needed for the cleanup effort.  As you may know, one fo the things Lions do is sell brooms!  So the Apex Lions Club immediately donated $1,000 worth of brooms and had them… Read More »

Apex Senior Health Fair 2018

The Apex Lions Club participated in the Apex Community Senior Health fair on September 12, 2018.  We provided vision screenings to 25 seniors.  Our eye screening device takes a picture of the eyes and we provide a printed result of the reading.  The results will share if an eye exam is needed.  This year we… Read More »

Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Our special guest speaker this evening was Martina Moore-Reid who is a Community Accessibility Specialist with the Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing under the Department of Health and Human Services.  Martina has been in this role for more than 14 years providing advocacy, consultation, and training to agencies and individuals. … Read More »

Troop 209 Update

This evening our speaker was Byron Schaefer, Troop 209 Scout Master. Byron became Scout Master of Troop 209 in January succeeding Jeff Kidd. He provided us with an update of the state of the troop. Troop 209 is chartered by the Apex Lions Club so they provide updates annually to our membership as well. Currently… Read More »

North Carolina Lions Inc.

This evening we were visited by Past District Governor, Herb Justice.  He came from his club in North Raleigh to provide us with an update on the business of our state organization North Carolina Lions, Incorporated. His presentation started with some funny remarks about what life was like in the 1950s.  Then he provided a… Read More »

Giving Seniors A L.I.F.T.

For dessert this evening, thanks to the birthday of one of our members Lion Pat Nemmers (and her willingness to provide a very nice cake to share) we celebrated the birthdays and anniversaries of our members in the month of August. At tonight’s meeting our guest speaker was Joyce Loebsack, Joyce is a Geriatric Care… Read More »

District 31S Awards & Installation

On Saturday, July 28 at the Pilot Lions Club we celebrated the 2017-2018 club year with our awards banquet.  Immediate Past District Governor Steve McLaurin shared some of his experiences and thanked the team for all the hard work that was done this past year.  It was a very good year for our district in… Read More »

Can You Hear Me Now?

Our special guest speaker this evening was Shelby Jordan.  Shelby is the daughter of one of our newest members and the grand daughter of a long time member of our club.  Shelby shared her passion for an organization called the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  As a recent graduate of UNC Wilmington and a member of Delta… Read More »