CommitteeCommittees are where a lot of the real work gets done!  And this is where each and every member of the club can get involved and serve!

This is our current list of committees with chairs and members. If there are any changes that need to be made to this information, please email Lion John Lynde with the updates.  We will do our best to keep this list current.

Committee Chair Members
Membership Horace Johnson Joe'l Lynde
Doug Brann
Diabetes Awareness John Lynde (acting) Jolene Umbenhauer
Dale Umbenhauer
LeeAnn Moffit
Bill Booth
Community Involvement Doug Brann
Bekki Bennett
Wayne Faber
Barbara Faber
Jen Ferrell
Sandra Johnson
Scout Liason Paul Dean Horace Johnson
Youth & Leos Joe'l Lynde Jolene Umbenhauer
John Lynde
Vision & Benevolence Wayne Faber Nick Somma
Welcome & Fellowship Barbara Faber (Past President)
News & Promotion (Public Relations) John Lynde (Secretary) Greg Monteleone
Awards & Scholarships Hamilton Martin Bill Booth
David Greybill
James Herndon
Major Events & Initiatives Carl Cromwell Bob Hastings
Sid Harrell
Meals & Dinners (Lion Tamer) Joe'l Lynde Debbie Gravanda
Meeting Programs Linda Cromwell
Apex HS Relays Larry Jordan
James Herndon
Greg Monteleone
Bill Booth
Debbie Gravanda
Fair Booth Horace Johnson Joe'l Lynde
John Lynde
Linda Cromwell
Fish Fry Horace Johnson Wayne Faber
Linda Cromwell
Newsletter John Lynde Joe'l Lynde
Information Technology John Lynde Tony Gravanda
Ways & Means Greg Monteleone (Treasurer) (President)
Tony Gravanda
Carl Cromwell
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